It is no secret that more people are using their mobiles to access the internet. The popularity of apps and the ability to browse anything on the go has ensured that mobile becomes the default device or the device of choice to use the internet. Since Google aims to be the most relevant with its search results purely from the perspective of the users, the search engine giant has decided to prioritize mobile friendly websites over desktop friendly or traditional websites.

What does this mean? This simply means that companies having traditional or desktop friendly websites will see their search engine ranks plummet, perhaps like never before. Companies that have responsive websites or dedicated mobile websites will see their fortunes soar and they will end up on the first pages of Google search engine results. The news is being met with applause and brickbats across industries, for obvious reasons.

Those who have mobile friendly websites have been waiting for such a development and many may say that they had anticipated it. While one cannot be sure if the predictions are just claims or afterthoughts, yet the reality is that most companies in Australia don’t have mobile friendly websites or responsive sites. The typical website design Australia companies have been fond of is the traditional layout and custom made for the desktop or laptop. One can blame the contemporary use of typical website building in Australia or the laggard approach of certain web designing companies. The truth is that a website will fade into oblivion in mobile searches. With mobile data poised to overtake use of data on desktops and laptops, this is alarm bells for any company or individual who doesn’t have a mobile friendly website design in Australia.

Fortunately, switching to a mobile friendly website builder is not that difficult. Companies can transform their existing website into a responsive design or have one developed solely for the mobile platforms. All the contents and even the predominant design elements can exist in the mobile version as well. One simply needs to acknowledge the rise of mobiles and how the internet users have changed their preferences.

It was only a matter of time before Google made this tectonic shift and the sooner companies endorse and work on mobile website design in Australia, the more manageable the fallout will be. It must be noted however that the change only applies to searches on mobile devices. The search engine accessed from desktop browsers would still have the same ranking protocols.

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