Pay per click (PPC)

Pay per click (PPC): This is also known as cost per click. PPC over the years have been an intelligent means of pay-per-clickinternet advertising that creates traffic to your website. With the use of PPC, you will get a strategic marketing investment, qualified quality leads and prospective gains. “When you make a search with search engines, e.g. Google, you must have noticed some ads popping up at the top search or by the sides during your search query. It may interest you to know that what you are seeing and may have clicked on is a pay per click sponsored advertising model.How PPC Works like Google, other search engines also offers sponsored ad listing for your site or business. The unique process of PPC is that it is a renowned advertising techniques where you pay a publisher or a site owner to display your sponsored listing/ads and whenever someone clicks on the ad and visits your site, you pay the publisher or advertiser. The ads appear on what is known as Search Engine Result Page (SERP) and on Google Partner websites, as sponsored listings with a different label.  Because we understand how the PPC methods work, we also help our clients by providing them with different PPC ads solutions. One great advantage of PPC is that it can provide higher growth realization to organizations, directed at maximizing the full advertising potential, this is why you must ensure your PPC ad listing is done the right way. How your Ads are listed? Ads are selected and listed by a publisher based on an auction model. This model defines which ads will be displayed at various positions on the site. One thing to note is that it works on the bidding platform and publishers and Search Engines lay emphasis on best-quality ads, which relates to users and search query. Therefore you don’t just invest in PPC ad listing but well researched and strategic planning necessary to leverage the full potential of paid advertising, and we can provide you with that. Detailed Analytical Approach for Desired Results (WBA) at WBA, we do detailed research and objective analysis of the market trends, coupled with proficient understanding of keyword phrases and the bidding process to create well formulated PPC plans, in order to design adverts that are highly effective and within your specified budget-limit.

  • Advanced and detailed keyword research –This includes insight into new keyword prospects, potential keyword mapping, important keyword phrasing, ground breaking search practices etc.
  • Objectives and Strategy – We define the best pay-per-click objectives and target market that works for you, then develop a realistic strategy to help achieve your desired results at an affordable cost per click (CPC).
  • Ad Copywriting – WBA help you create targeted and relevant copy for your adverts to maximize click through rates (CTR), lowering your average CPC without sacrificing your brand.
  • Efficient campaign management – WBA helps split ad groups for improvements in click-through rate (CTR) & quality score, thereby determining and sidelining the negative keywords, and expanding the keyword base with insightful market research.
  • Optimization/Bid Management – Guarantees effective and continued optimization through manual and automated bid adjustment, keyword and match type expansion, etc. which will help increase conversion rates.
  • Tracking/Reporting – We monitor results, continuously providing monthly reports on campaign performance giving useful recommendations, free integrated tracking using analytical tools such as Google Analytics for further monitoring.  We also provide more advanced automatic bid management and analytic solutions for enterprise clients.

Why is Pay-Per-Click a potential marketing tool?

  • It is suitable for all types of businesses – whether a large or small business and cuts across all industry domains
  • It implements marketing campaigns faster
  • It helps grow customer base proficiently
  • It increases traffic and improves profits and business growth
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